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Contemporary Dental is Now...FOREVER SMILES 

and you should know why - 

In 2014, our little angel, Lauren Emily was born and returned to heaven just 6 1/2 months later.  The experience changed our lives.  The outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and complete strangers, made me and my staff realize that relationships are the core of our practice.  We strive for our practice to embody deep respect and love for each of our patients, friends and family.  The result is wonderful interactions and experiences that ultimately cause me to think of my daughter Lauren Emily and the big smile I will have on my face when I see her again, hence, Forever Smiles!

 With the addition of our new name - also comes the addition of our Arlington location!  We are now able to serve the community at 1010 Greeley Ave.,  1015 Greeley Ave, and our new location 503 West Main Street Arlington , MN 

Check back soon for more exciting info on our new name and locations !