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 "I like the dentist!" 


Dr. Schoeneberger and his staff really treat their patients with the greatest care. Their concern for their patients health and welfare is their No.1 priority.

Wayne Rosenfeld Glencoe, MN

Calmly, confidently, and sincerely Jennifer took time to listen, gave her undivided attention and did not rush through my appointment. I always look forward to an enjoyable experience from Dr. Schoeneberger and the entire staff

Gary, Glencoe MN

"I have gone to Dr. Schoeneberger all my life and I don't ever want him to retire. He and his staff are awesome."

Cheryl Templin Glencoe, MN

Everyone is so professional, polite, and personable.

Dennis Herzog Litchfield, MN

Dr. Schoeneberger and his dental hygienists are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They keep detailed, accurate records of the x-rays, our conversations and the plans for my future dental work.

I never feel like a stranger or simply another patient when I go for my regular check-ups or for special dental work. I always feel like I am in the hands of capable people who know me and who care about me. I feel comfortable, safe and at ease during all of my visits.

The dental hygienists do an extraordianary job. I leave with such beautiful, clean teeth - an experience which is not painful and well worth my time.

Dr. Schoeneberger is simply the best! i guess that's why we drive 45 minutes each way to see him!Because we know we have the best dentist in the Glencoe/Chaska/Shakopee/Hutchinson area! We are very fortunate!

Dr. Schoeneberger went out of his way to help our family out when our son lost a front tooth just days before his wedding. Dr. Shoeneberger took time out of his busy professional and personal schedule to make sure our son could "smile" on his wedding day! No other dentist would have done that for us!

Jeanne Straus, Chaska MN

You always know they have your best interest in mind and explain every option available whenever something needs to be done. Jolene always makes you feel comfortable. She's friendly, takes her time and is gentle. You go away feeling she not only cares about our teeth and mouth but she cares about the person too.

Karen Stenzel, Glencoe MN

My overall feeling about my dental experience at Schoeneberger Dental was - great!

Joe Neubauer, Hutchinson MN

Jennifer is my hygienist. She does an excellent job.

James Carlson

Excellent service with great people.
Beth was very patient with me as I am usually uncomfortable at the dentist. Jennifer was gentle and very knowledgeable. She adressed all of my concerns professionally!

Chris Buckentin

Someone working in my mouth doesn't bother me. I need to take care of my teeth because I don't like tooth aches! Dr. Tom likes it when I can make funny remarks - it makes his day.

Marilyn Rettig

My overall feeling about my dental experience is - Very Good. A good saying to remember is: Your mouth is the gateway to your health!

Rick Kottke

Alisha did an awesome job when I was there. She was very pleasant to talk to, wasn't negative, and did a very nice job on my teeth. She wasn't rough when she cleaned the hard to get places.

R. Lentsch

My appointment could not have been any more pleasant. Very warm, welcoming, and friendly environment. Everyone made me feel like my comfort and how I was doing was their main concern. I was treated with respect by ALL. Dr. Tom...what can I are the best in the business. It is very clear that ALL your staff strives to do their part to follow your example.

Barbara R.

I am over all an anxious person going to the dentist twice a year, but once I am there, you all calm me down and make the time there interesting. (I still go twice a year, so what you are doing is working!) Your whole dental staff - starting from your receptionists, dental hygienists, and Dr. Schoeneberger - you guys are great! I know any concerns I have, you always solve the problem!

W. Kasten

I felt very comfortable during the appointment. This was due to the staff having a lot of knowledge on dental health and the ability to convey that knowledge in a way where patients can apply it on their own. Joleen was very knowledgeable and excited to share that information with those who don't know it. I could sense that she genuinely cared about my teeth and gums.

Thomas Gunderson

Excellent experience - I was very happy that I was able to get in today - Beth, Stacy, and Dr. Schoeneberger were wonderful. Nice to know that it was OK to try the low tech approach instead of the more expensive alternative.

Jodi Seemann

We as a family have had excellent work done through the years. When our sons left to serve their country, their new dentists commented whoever had done work on their teeth had done a great job! Joleen is a pleasant person who always does a great job cleaning my teeth. It is fun to see her each time I come. All staff members have been caring and professional thru the years. I enjoy the personal touch they share with patients.

LeaEtte Peters

My dental experience was very enjoyable. Jo was calming, caring, took time to explain, and very gentle.

Carol Silus

1st of all - The voice message you give Joyce, is #1 in kindness and the team as a whole is "Top Notch". More dentists should be like Dr. Schoeneberger. I am happy with the approach, learned a lot, friendly and just plain "The Best!"

Beverly Stevens

I do a lot of presentations for work. I needed my teeth to look great. Then due to an accident, I needed work in the front. Needless to say I was skeptical. After Dr. Schoeneberger and his team put in my new teeth, I was ecstatic about how they looked! They are the best and no one knows which ones were worked on!

John N.


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