Using the state-of-the-art 3D CEREC (Ceramic REConstruction) system, Dr. Knorr can design, fabricate and place high quality, aesthetic crowns in a single office visit—eliminating the need for temporary crowns and a second appointment.

Dr. Knorr uses a handheld digital scanner to take precise impressions of the patient’s teeth, which are sent to the CEREC design unit where he designs the crown. The design is then sent to the in-office CEREC milling machine to fabricate the restoration. The digital scanning process and on-site creation of the crown is completed in just a few hours and results in a perfect, accurate fit.

Realistic, Precisely Fitting Crowns

CEREC crowns are milled from a single block of high-grade dental porcelain, which makes them less susceptible to fractures. Dr. Knorr can match the crown’s color to the patient’s teeth for a seamless, natural look.


One of Dr. Knorr’s goals with one visit crowns is to utilize your time as the patient most efficiently. Our hope is to limit the number of visits to our office in order for you to get your treatment done.

Traditional methods use an impression and a temporary dental crown for a few weeks with multiple appointments. We can have you in and out of our office in just a few hours with your new dental crown restoration in place. What could be more convenient.

The CEREC design unit and milling machine.

Advantages of Same Day Porcelain Crowns

The time savings and convenience factor of porcelain crowns offers a great advantage for our patients. While it is possible to do it in one visit, your dental crown treatment can be split into two visits if your schedule does not permit for a longer visit.

Getting a restoration that is bonded and made from one single piece of material is another advantage because the restoration is strong enough to last but can be conservative enough to let your tooth last as well.

At your complimentary consultation, you can see the CEREC porcelain crowns system we use and see how we are making it more and more convenient for our patients.

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