Tired of not being able to chew the foods you like?
Don’t want to wear dentures?

Get Beautiful Fixed-In Replacement Teeth


Dr. Knorr has transformed the lives of countless patients who have come to him with a mouth full of hopelessly broken or decayed teeth by restoring their smile — and their self-esteem — with New Teeth in One Day.

One of our patients who had seriously deteriorated teeth came in to see what could be done. He received the New Teeth in One Day procedure, and it literally changed his life. He started running marathons, got a better job, reconnected with family — his whole personality changed.

Efficient, Same-Day Procedure

With his extensive experience placing implants and thorough preparation using the practice’s advanced implant planning and guided surgery technology, Dr. Knorr provides a full arch of beautiful, stable new teeth with precision and accuracy. On surgery day, Dr. Knorr does any necessary extractions, strategically places four to six implants per arch in the patient’s jaw and attaches the provisional new teeth, which the patient wears until the permanent restorations are ready to be fitted.

Because they’re securely anchored to implants, the new teeth are stable and restore nearly 100 percent of natural chewing power. The implants also prevent bone loss in the jaw that occurs when missing teeth are left unreplaced. For patients seeking an economical way to eliminate denture slippage, Dr. Knorr offers removable snap-in dentures. He places a minimum of two implants in the lower jaw and three in the upper, depending on bone availability, to stabilize the denture. Each implant is topped with a special metal attachment designed to fasten to another attachment on the denture. The denture itself snaps on to the implants, keeping it in place. Because it is securely attached to the implants, the denture doesn’t slip when eating or speaking and provides up to 50 percent of natural chewing power. In addition, with no false upper palate, patients find they can taste their food much better.

Keeping Patients Relaxed and Informed

Dr. Knorr and his staff are known for their friendly, compassionate care and commitment to patient comfort. “We make sure that patients are comfortable throughout their treatment,” says Dr. Knorr. “This includes fully explaining all treatment options and procedures and answering any questions they might have. For comfort during long or complex procedures, IV sedation is administered by a qualified anesthesiologist. Nitrous and oral sedation are also available.

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