Patient Testimonials


“I was referred to Dr. Knorr by his wife, who is an orthodontist, as I had an abscess under an existing crown that needed a root canal.

“Dr. Knorr is friendly, hospitable, and really cares about his patients. He always has a good story!

“The office has always been very welcoming. Everyone is accommodating, friendly and very knowledgeable. They are very upfront and honest in any dental procedure or recommendation. My boys enjoy coming here and look forward to their cleanings. As for me, I have no more pain!”

- root canal, fillings, cleaning


“Dr. Knorr is a very knowledgeable, well-trained dentist. He’s very personable, professional and has an outstanding work ethic! My teeth were worn down and needed extensive work. He crowned all my teeth and more. My mouth feels very natural. It’s like having a new set of teeth.”

- dental crowns


“Home is the feeling you get when you open the door to your dwelling and see the familiar faces and realize how calm the setting makes you feel. Home is filled with laughter. As a patient of Forever Smiles and Dr. Knorr specifically, this dental
practice is home. It’s gentle dentistry combined with a small-town feeling. The staff make me feel warm and at ease the minute I walk in and keepthat up through my entire visit. Everyone is so knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date with techniques and equipment. ”

“I have trigeminal neuralgia, a facial pain disorder that requires gentle dentistry and time-outs during procedures. I never feel awkward or ashamed that I need more time. Dr. Knorr is a kind, soft-spoken, and most of all, caring doctor who smiles whenever you joke around. He has no idea he has alleviated a fear coming from my facial disorder. ”

“The benefits of having my teeth fixed are minor compared to having a gentle dentist who listens, cares, and demonstrates knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Knorr, my teeth look better and I don’t have a mouth full of silver fillings.”

- crowns, fillings


“To be honest, I am not a big fan of dental work, but everyone here makes me feel relaxed. I did not feel anyone thought less of me because of the condition of my teeth. They were caring and compassionate and went above and beyond to allay my anxiety.

“Heredity was not kind to my dentition, which led to issues that needed to be dealt with. Dr. Knorr had several suggestions and options—one of which was implants. “I had no difficulty adjusting to the dental implants, and after only one day my mouth felt great. I can eat apples without effort. I am confident I made the right decision to have the implants, and I feel my teeth are in the best shape they have been in years. I am glad I found Dr. Knorr.”

- dental implants


“I wasn’t happy with my smile. I had a number of teeth that were discolored, crooked bottom teeth and my two front teeth protruded. Dr. Knorr was very kind and listened to the concerns I had about my teeth and recommended several
options, including veneers and Invisalign to give me a great smile.

“Everyone was very kind and supportive during my treatment. Not only is Dr. Knorr friendly and easy to talk to, but he does great work. I love the outcome after having my teeth fixed.

“Now I have a nice bright smile and I can’t thank Dr. Knorr enough! I don’t mind having my picture taken anymore.”

- veneers and Invisalign


“Dr. Knorr is very professional, does excellent work and has great people working for him. The removal of my bad upper and lower teeth was done with very minimal pain, and my new upper and lower fit quite well. My teeth haven’t looked this good in many years.”

- upper and lower dentures and implants


“Thanks to Dr. Knorr, I have a great smile again! I get a lot of smiles back at me now and lots of compliments.

“I’ve been a patient since the previous dentist and because of the great staff. They’re awesome, fun people; we have a blast. Dr. Knorr is a nice doctor, with a sense of humor, who really knows his stuff.

“Not only does he know what he’s doing, but he makes sure the work is done right. He perfects it until it’s great. I do a lot of laughing with him, there’s no pain, he gets me in quickly and calls me to see if I’m okay afterward.

“My teeth were very worn and chipped before, but thanks to Dr. Knorr, I have a great smile again! I get a lot of smiles back at me now and lots of compliments.”

- full mouth rehabilitation, dental implants


“I’ve always been afraid of the dentist, and Dr. Knorr and his staff made me feel more comfortable than any office I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so friendly and can always get me in for adjustments when they came up.

“I was nervous about the procedure, but they walked me through it all and it went a lot better than I expected.

“Dr. Knorr is a perfectionist and is amazing at what he does. He even personally called me afterward to see how I was feeling. I feel a lot healthier now and much more confident.”

- dental implants

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Elisabeth S.

“The Dentists and their staff are all top notch. Can’t even scratch the surface with all the positive words to describe the team. Everyone…from the reception desk staff to the hygienists, dental assistants and the dentists, all greet you with a smile and genuinely care about your total well-being. Their new office is phenomenal. It’s warm and inviting and make you forget you’re in a dental office. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.”

Dennis H.

“Everyone is so professional, polite and personable.”

Karen S.

“You always know they have your best interest in mind and explain every option available whenever something needs to be done. Jolene always makes you feel comfortable. She’d friendly, takes her time and is gentle. You go away feeling she not only cares about our teeth and mouth but she cares about the person too.”

Thomas G.

“I feel very comfortable during the appointment. This was due to the staff having a lot of knowledge on dental health and the ability to convey that knowledge in a way where patients can apply it on their own. Joleen was very knowledgeable and excited to share that information with those who don’t know it. I could sense that she genuinely cared about my teeth and gums.”

Carol S.

My dental experience was very enjoyable. Jo was calming, caring, took time to explain and very gentle.”

Lisa H.

“They are a very caring, friendly dental office. I have bad anxiety when it comes to the dentist and they make me feel very comfortable.”

Julie D.

“Love all the staff! Everyone is so caring and kind. They really take good care of their patients! I have been going to this office for 45 years.”

Kelly P.

“The staff are the friendliest people and always treat you like a member of their family!”

Shanda L.

“Great place! Great staff! They make you feel like family or an old friend!”

Sarah H.

“Very friendly staff. Doctor was great!!! I always knew what was happening. I would highly recommend them.”

Lisa H.

“Always a great group to work with. Friendly and they put you at ease.”

Bonnie H.

“Always so polite and caring!!!”

Cassandra C.

The staff and Dr. Knorr are always friendly and provide a great experience. My whole family uses this office and is pleased.”

Martha C.

Friendly staff!!! Good dentist and good prices!!!”

Heather B.

“Quick and great work today! Friendly staff as usual!

Ally B.

“These people are amazing! So great with my son. He giggled the whole time. Special thank you to dental assistant, Tanya! You made our visit fantastic!

Sophia T.

“Got my wisdom teeth out and Dr. Knorr made sure I couldn’t feel a thin. Definitely some pressure and pulling but it went fine. The dental hygienist do very well at keeping you calm and comfortable. Recommended by me!”

Gretchen L.

“Super friendly, knowledgeable and gentle. I’ve always had a great experience here!”

Hailey F.

“All of the staff are extremely friendly, well organized, efficient, professional and extremely proud of the work they do. I would/will not go to any other dentist. If you are looking for not only great service, but a very comfortable and welcoming experience go to Forever Smiles in Glencoe!”

Corey R.

“My experience was very good. The knowledge of the employees; the interaction with the hygienist made it feel more relaxing. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone looking for a great experience.”

Jamie S.

“Great place! They already make you feel comfortable even when you have anxiety about dentists. They always make you feel like family! Awesome job!”